Dad is Dying

Throughout the story, Sam continuously lied in order to save his reputation; in the process, his lies change the lives of his family and friends. But, in the end, were his lies worth it? I believe that Sam’s lies ultimately cause more good than harm. At the beginning of the story, both of Sam’s parents are falling into the mundane rhythm of adult life. They’re spending less time with their family, spending more time working, and more time worrying. Once word gets around that Dave is dying, the family is flooded with love and support from neighbors and old friends. Although by the end, Sam has acknowledged his moral misdoings and the fact that he must right his wrongs, he realizes that his family had ultimately gained from his lies: “This wasn’t the place where he had to set things right. Everything was already alright here. He had to set things right at school.” Despite the circumstances, the sudden support from others reminded Morley and Dave what life is all about: spending time with the people around you and enjoying the little things in life.

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