“THE HATE U GIVE” Response I

For my scene, I’ve selected the scene after the party where Starr watches Khalil get shot by the police officer. In this scene, I found Starr’s ability to keep calm and collected admirable, especially since she’s in such a nerve-racking situation. “My heart pounds loudly, but Daddy’s instructions echo in my head: Get a good look at the cop’s face. If you can remember his badge number, that’s even better.” Although she knows the precautions she has to take, I imagine that it would be difficult to remember everything in a high-pressure environment. Aside from this, the scene also brings out the caring part of her personality when she risks her life to aid Khalil.

During this scene, Starr begins to think back on Natasha’s death. ”Khalil looks at me, stunned. He falls to the ground. I’m ten again, watching Natasha drop.” When she starts to see the parallels between her current situation and Natasha’s death, she hopes that Khalil knows what to do in their position. She’s afraid that Khalil will end up like Natasha, a fear that unfortunately becomes a reality.

Fortunately, I’ve never been in the situation that Starr is in, and expect that I never will be. The emotions and worries that she experienced are incomprehensible to me, and I can only do my best to describe what she felt. Although I like to think that I’d handle the situation the same way as Starr, realistically, I don’t think I’d have the willpower to act calmly in her situation. The only thing that I can even compare to her experience is the feeling of being so afraid that you feel like you can’t move. Based on my experience, I likely would be unable to follow safety measures when in this state. Starr however, was able to “keep her cool”, which I find very impressive.