Halloween Descriptive Paragraph

I stood at the bottom of the stairs with my hands held in tight fists; the stench of decay hung in the air like smoke after a wildfire. The distant tapping of raindrops grew quicker as a flash of lightning lit up the room, followed by a low rumble. The cold of the concrete floor seeped through my socks and up my spine like ice cold bolts of energy. A single lightbulb hung from the ceiling, humming away and only giving its light to the small space around it. I glanced around the room, heart racing. The walls were brick with large gashes and cracks scattered about. A small window was open a crack, letting water drip down the brick below, leaving dark veins in their wake. The room flared up once again, the bricks casting shadows on the floor beneath them. The concrete was littered with various newspapers and sundries, but the print itself was long faded and gone. CRASH! The room exploded in a display of light and sound; the house itself leaped out of its foundation. My stomach lurched as I frantically turned for the exit but the light sang the final notes of a requiem before flickering off and leaving me in the silence.

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