REAL Leadership in TALONS

During the seminar, John Maxwell taught us about relationships, equipping, attitude, and leadership. Most of the skills we learned will be beneficial throughout our time in TALONS. Attitude is important during most of our planning projects; there will be many times when we can feel discouraged and let it damper the moral of our team. In the 3rd session, we learned that “attitude is a choice”. During our Alice Lake trip, there were times during both the planning phase and the actual retreat where we could’ve felt discouraged and lost the motivation required to finish the task. However, we chose to keep an optimistic attitude and we continued working until the task was completed.

We also learned about the Law of the Lid: your team can only do as well as your leadership is. During certain brainstorming sessions, team members are sometimes stuck for ideas and giving them prompts will often help jumpstart the discussion. I think it’s important to know the line between needing to help your team members and letting them figure them out on their own. A good leader knows that equipping others can be a mixture of showing an example, prompting, and letting them do it alone.

In the equipping session of the seminar, we learned about how often we underestimate others. I feel that it’s important to recognize people’s weaknesses and strengths and how they choose to use them. During the planning of various events, I’ve found times when I haven’t recognized others’ strengths until its too late to put them into action. From now on, I will pay more attention to other people’s strengths and make sure that they’re doing something that will either help them build upon their strengths or build new strengths.

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