ZIP Proposal

What would you like to learn to do/ what question would you like to pursue in your inquiry? Why did you choose this skill/ question? What motivates or excites you in pursuing this line of inquiry?

How do poetry and music work together to affect our emotions?

For my ZIP project, I’ve decided to study lyricism, focusing on the question: How do poetry and music work together to affect our emotions?. I’ve always been interested in music and songwriting, and I’ve always struggled to write lyrics that properly convey the emotion behind the music. I feel that I can gain experience in lyricism if I study and understand the craft and its relationship with music. I look forward to learning more about lyrics as well as the music behind them.

What do you currently know about this topic/ skill, and what skills do you currently have that will help you succeed in your work?

I have an extensive music background, and I’m experienced in analyzing and developing melodies and compositions. Although I lack expertise in poetry, I can use my skills in music to help me recognize the connections between music and poetry. I plan on focusing heavily on connecting the emotion in the music to the emotion in the words.

What is a specific list of skills that you hope to have expanded on/ learned by the end of this assignment?

Once I’ve finished this project, I hope to have improved my ability to write songs, specifically the lyrics, as well as my appreciation for the artistry behind poetry and its meaning. Additionally, I’m sure that my newfound skill in poetry will help me with other skills such as descriptive writing, reading comprehension, and more. I also hope to concentrate on being able to dissect the symbolism and recognize the emotions conveyed in poetry in order to draw connections to real life.

Who can you approach (beyond Mr. Morris) for support during your work/ research?

I’m aware that several of my peers are doing similar projects relating to poetry; I look forward to collaborating with them in order to gain new insights and perspectives. I hope that varying perspectives and opinions can help me to improve my work. In the past, I’ve noticed that collaborating with others with similar inquiry questions can help me even if our projects aren’t identical.

What are some other resources that might be useful in helping you complete your inquiry?

It’s likely that I’ll analyze other songs for inspiration in patterns, forms, and poetic devices. I’ll be sure to keep all of my work original, but I feel that having other pieces as inspiration will benefit me greatly. I’ll also be sure to research devices such as similes, metaphors, and hyperboles in order to maximize the emotion and meaning behind my words. I know that there are many resources that can help me use these devices to their full potential.

How might you demonstrate your learning at the end of your inquiry? What format or form (essay, in-class lesson, audio/video production, Pecha Kucha, artistic representation) might you use to highlight your work?

By the end of this project, I plan to have a recording of a song as well as a transcript of the lyrics along with annotations describing the meanings behind the words. My hope is that the audience will be able to listen to the song and read the lyrics as well as the annotations. Since I’m studying songwriting, I strongly believe that a song with both lyrics and music will truly be the best way to demonstrate my learning.

What is your schedule for learning? Include a calendar with a tentative plan as to how you will use your time both in and out of class.

At schoolAt home

image 2019-01-07 at 9.44 pm

Jan 8-11:

At school: Find songs to draw inspiration from and analyze them

At home: Plan the general outline for the song (verses, choruses, etc)

Jan 12-13:

Brainstorm the overall theme for the song and the meaning behind it

Jan 14-18:

At school: Work on song lyrics adhering to the structure previously created

At home: Write the music behind the lyrics and ensure that the emotion in the lyrics is properly portrayed

Jan 19-20:

Polish my music and lyrics and ensure they correspond accordingly

Jan 21-25:

At school: Work on the summary of lyrics and their meaning

At home: Record the final audio product

Jan 26-27:

Polish final product

Jan 28-29:


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