ZIP Final Post

What is your inquiry question? What initially drew you to this question? Did your question stay the same, or did it change over time? Why?

My original inquiry question was: “How do poetry and music work together to affect our emotions?”. Initially, I chose this question due to my interest in songwriting, and how I’ve always struggled to write lyrics that properly convey the emotion behind the music. I feel that my initial question was adequate, and I don’t see any reason to edit it, as I had a great time answering it. I feel that it wasn’t too difficult to create a question around my topic since it’s more focused on emotion than technicalities.

2. What skills have you expanded on / learned during the inquiry process? How are these skills applicable to your success as a student?

Throughout this project, I improved on my ability to analyze the emotions conveyed in music and translate them into words; by creating my own music and lyrics and ensuring that their emotion and mood correlate, I was practicing poetry and music analysis.  These skills are crucial in many subjects, especially reading comprehension. I feel that this newfound ability will help me to recognize any emotions that an author is conveying through dialogue or description. This will be beneficial while analyzing characters or texts and will help me with many of my assignments in the future.

3. What did you learn about / what is your answer to this inquiry question? Remember to be specific and provide direct evidence from your research.

I feel that the most important thing that I’ve learned during this inquiry was how it’s often difficult to sit down and be able to write music. I also made the mistake of planning to write lyrics before melodies, but I later learned that I worked best when I wrote the music before the lyrics, or even working on both almost simultaneously. I also focused on the way that the emotions of one audience member can differ greatly from the emotions of other audience members, and I tried to put this into account while perfecting the conveyance of emotions in my final product.

4. In what ways does your final learning artifact demonstrate your learning / answer to your inquiry question? How does it connect to your chosen curricular competencies? Consider listing your competencies and including images, links, or excerpts from your work to demonstrate this.

Apply appropriate strategies to comprehend written, oral, and visual texts, guide inquiry, and extend thinking.

I used colours and other systems of organizations to further understand the patterns and devices used in popular songs

5. What resources did you find useful during your inquiry and why were they useful? (Cite at least four resources you consulted, with links, and write a brief 50-100 response as to was important to your learning). – This source proved itself to be useful during my initial research phase. In order to understand popular patterns and devices used in songs, I analyzed the lyrics to popular songs and this website was very helpful on multiple levels. This source allowed me to not only read the lyrics to songs but also provided insight on the author’s intents and history behind some of the songs.

 S – This website, specifically the glossary feature, was helpful during my research phase. I sifted through the many definitions in this dictionary and found a few that I felt could be useful during my writing. The definitions in their glossary are clear and numerous, and they were the perfect source for my glossary. – This source was also useful for my glossary, as it helped me narrow down the essential definitions.‘s glossary, although thorough, was very lengthy. I soon found searching through the other source tedious, and I found this secondary, more concise glossary was good for giving a basic idea of the essential devices.

GarageBand – This program was useful not only in creating my final product, but also the process that it took to get there. This program makes it easy to layer and loop sounds, which is extremely helpful while I’m brainstorming chords, melodies, and more. When creating my final product, it was simple to create a high-quality product in a short amount of time.

6. What new questions do you have about your inquiry? What motivates you or excites you about these questions?

  • How can the same emotion be conveyed through multiple genres of music?
  • What effect would contrasting lyrics and music have on the emotion of the audience?
  • What causes the emotional reaction to vary from person to person?

These questions intrigue me mostly because of their focus on the emotional part of poetry/ music as opposed to the technical aspect. As a creative person, I usually find the technical part of writing rather tedious and slow moving. If I were to do any further explanation, I would try to focus less on a concrete schedule, and I would likely have a longer amount of time scheduled as “writing” instead of differentiating between lyrics and music; I feel that this less structured schedule would benefit me greatly.

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