A Midsummer Night’s Dream: An Open Letter to Theseus

My name is Hermia, daughter of Egeus, and I believe that you, our mighty leader Theseus should modify the Athenian laws regarding a woman’s right to choose her husband. Currently, my father is able to choose my husband for me, and I have virtually no way to refuse his choice. I find the suitor chosen for me, Demetrius, to be somewhat distasteful and unpleasant; I would much prefer to marry my lover Lysander. Unfortunately, I have no way to object to my father’s choice—at least not yet.

Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge that Lysander is a perfectly good suitor and I believe that he possesses all necessary resources needed to provide for a family. He has proven to be financially stable, and my father hasn’t been able to identify any positive qualities in Demetrius that Lysander lacks. If I marry Lysander, I’m confident that our life will be equally if not more wholesome than if I were to marry Demetrius.

Next, I want to discuss Demetrius’ intentions. Demetrius has showed me little to no affection, and in juxtaposition to Lysander’s gifts and compliments, he appears rather taciturn. Despite contrary accusations, I believe that Lysander’s displays of affection come from good intentions. However, Demetrius gives a rather sententious aura, and has shown signs of corrupt intentions.

Lastly, I’d like to address the most revolting of Demetrius’ many shortcomings. As everyone in Athens knows, Demetrius is currently having romantic and sexual relations with Helena, daughter of Nedar. As a result, Helena has grown attached to him despite his neutral feelings towards her. This is not only a blasphemous act on its own, but it’s simply cruel to treat a woman in such a way and then promptly marry someone else. It’s unfair to all parties that Demetrius should get away with this; Demetrius needs to take responsibility for his actions, and marrying me would prevent him from doing so.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that Lysander is the better choice for my husband. He is supportive, financially stable, and has good intentions. Demetrius, although adequate, doesn’t possess the same qualities which I value in a partner. I hope that you take my opinions into consideration and review our laws.

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