In-Depth #3

These past two weeks, I’ve moved out of my research phase and onto my creation phase; I’ve started creating the first of my 4 final products. My classmate, Jewel, volunteered to record a song with Ukulele and vocals. In order to enhance the product beyond the sounds initially recorded, I plan to add extra chords and percussion after the other parts are recorded.

Recording the instrumental part of the song.

As of right now, we’ve only recorded the instrumental part of the song, but we are in the process of setting up another recording date.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 3.07.48 PM
The recorded backtrack

The biggest struggle I faced while recording this was getting the timing right. I’ve discovered that it’s more difficult to stay on time with a ukulele than it is with a piano. Since I was looping a large portion of the chords, I found that it had to be played and trimmed perfectly the first time to avoid causing bigger problems later in the song.

During my meeting with my mentor, we mainly discussed ways to fix timing with MIDI instrument tracks (piano in my case). I learned that quantification is a feature that can line up notes exactly to the beat. We also discussed that this feature should be used with haste since it can sometimes make music sound “overly robotic”, which can add or take away from the general mood conveyed in the song.

Although quantification doesn’t work with the ukulele I’ve recorded, it will work for the piano chords that I plan to add to the song later. I’ve realized that it may have been a good idea to record the piano first and quantify it to match the beat perfectly before recording the ukulele on top; this may have been able to help a lot of the timing issues that I faced.

Currently, I’m planning a date for a second recording session, as well as planning ahead to future songs that I can record after this one is completed. Once the vocals of this first song are recorded, I’m going to work on improving and enhancing the quality of the sounds recorded, and also add chords and percussion. I look forward to completing my first song and being able to learn from my mistakes during the second one.

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