In-Depth #5

These past few weeks, I’ve polished my first recording and am currently working on my second. I encountered a problem with damaged equipment which slowed me down, but I worked through it. I’m overall pretty happy with my first recording, and I’m really looking forward to the next one.

At my mentor meeting this week, we mostly worked on blending harmonies into the main vocals, since that was the biggest flaw in the song. We worked with not only EQ but other effects such as chorus and reverb. I, unfortunately, couldn’t record the meeting, but I’ll describe a part of the meeting fitting each hat.

Black hat: During our meeting, we discussed the way that I had decided to pan the bass slightly to the left. My mentor explained that it’s most common to leave the bass centered, but it may be difficult to balance the other instrumentals if I do so. I eventually decided to keep the bass centered.

Red hat: Since we were struggling to blend the harmonies into the vocals well, I felt that it may be best to turn them down a bit so they were more background vocals than prominent harmonies.

Yellow hat: While discussing ways to blend the harmonies into the vocals, my mentor was talking about several different techniques I could use to blend the sound as well as pros and cons for each.

Green hat: After deciding that one method wasn’t helping to blend the harmonies, my mentor and I discussed a myriad of options until achieving the goal.

Blue hat: Before discussing stereo imaging techniques, my mentor said that it would be beneficial to put an emphasis on stereo imaging before discussing ways to make it more prominent.

The white hat was not very present in our meeting since most of our discussions are based on creative thinking and feeling.

I got a lot done these past few days, and I’m looking forward to the future!!

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