Wheel of Revolution

Wheel of Revolution

2. The Olympics was a revolutionary idea where athletes from all over the world could unite and compete in a variety of events. Now, this biennial event is still extremely relevant in today’s society. Since the first modern Olympics, it’s become a common tradition in society. Like many common traditions, the Olympics started off on a smaller scale, but more and more people began to catch on and participate until nearly the entire world was staying tuned updated. Although there are few international events of the Olympics’ caliber, this basic trajectory for the spread and normalizing of a tradition is common in society.

3. Although this event isn’t necessarily positive or negative, it’s evident that it’s still relevant in today’s society. Although there’s a large variety of effects caused by the Olympics, the most prominent effects have been either societal or economic. The Olympics is widely regarded as a respected sporting event, where people from all around the world compete. Cities and countries hope to host Olympic events because of the economic benefit it produces. Overall, I think that we can say that the effects of the Olympics have been mostly positive, not necessarily for individuals (although many athletes benefit from it) but for our society as a whole.

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