Notes and Script

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6 thoughts on “TALONS TED Talks

  1. Hey Amanda! I really enjoyed your Ted Talk on Water Purity. One thing I really liked about your topic was how in depth you went into it. One thing you could have improved on was your eye contact with the camera but other than that I think your Ted Talk was fantastic!

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    1. *Update*
      A question I have about your Ted talk is, will your answer differ depending on the plant talked about? For example, should trees be watered with a different TDS level then what flowers should be watered with? Once again, great job on your Ted talk!



  2. Amanda that was an amazing TED talk! You explained the concepts in a way that was really clear easy to understand, and you did great research. I also like how thoroughly you answered your inquiry question. My one question is why did you choose RODI out of all the other ways to clean water? Overall, great job!

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  3. Hey Amanda! It never occurred to me that water could be “too clean”. It’s a fascinating point to present and I think it’s pretty cool. Could having a low TDS be unsafe? Or is it just not preferred compared to the usual levels?
    For future presentations, I would suggest putting less information on the slide. You don’t need to have everything you’re saying, instead have the main points which you want people to remember. You could also watch Ethan’s presentation where he puts information on the screen for the audience to read if they want to know more about the topic.
    You had a good conclusion and I’m excited to see your results if you experiment with this topic next year!


  4. Hi Amanda!
    I really enjoyed your TALON talk! You delved into many concepts very articulately and backed it up with plenty of research. I like how you kept your power point behind you on a screen, since it allowed me to not only see your expressions, but also allowed me to read and view the visuals. I now wonder how TDS levels change through different countries and how that affects the food production in different countries? Overall, amazing work!


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