In Depth #1

It’s finally time to start In-Depth 2020! After enjoying last year’s project so much, I’m looking forward to what these next few months have in store.

This year, I’ve decided on studying keyboard harmony/ composition on the piano. Even as someone with piano experience, I’ve often struggled to play music off of leadsheets in an interesting way. Even while technically playing the chords and the notes, there is so much more that can be added to the music through improvisation and embellishments. Hopefully, these skills can also be applied to my own chord progressions, and the skills gained during this study will eventually allow me to write more complex and interesting progressions.

Although I haven’t found a mentor yet, I’m actively searching for a qualified person who’s willing to mentor me. Until then, I’m still practicing the minimal skill I have, and doing some research online to find some basic skills that I can hopefully begin applying soon. I look forward to really beginning my project in the next few weeks!


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