In-Depth #6

Since the last post, I’ve been spending my time practicing, refining, and perfecting. At this point, my project mostly consists of practicing the skills I’ve already gained instead of building new ones. At my last mentor meeting, we spent the majority of our time going over the pieces as my mentor gave me feedback on my playing/ interpretation. We also decided on the BPM for each song; my mentor pointed out that playing the pieces in varying speeds would give the audience a wider range of music. Varying rates of BPM can also help to differentiate the distinct styles of each of the 3 pieces. Fly Me to the Moon is a jazz standard, while Girl from Ipanema is a Brazilian bossa nova, and Isn’t She Lovely could be considered R&B or funk. I also asked my mentor for ideas for some of the chords for Girl from Ipanema, as I noticed myself struggling with it during my own practices. 

Although my original plan was to share progress “video diaries”, but given the circumstances, I’ve decided to change my presentation. My plan is to record myself playing/singing the songs and writing a short excerpt on what I learned. I will link these videos on my blog, which will allow views to watch the video(s) that interest them while allowing me to share the full extent of the pieces I worked on. Writing a short paragraph on my process will allow me to show parts of my learning that I couldn’t demonstrate through performance alone, and also explain certain parts of the music that people may not catch while casually listening.

Meanwhile, I’m still polishing my pieces, and I have a final mentor meeting tomorrow evening. I’m really looking forward to finally finishing up this project and presenting it!

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