Digital Literacy Portfolio

Humanities Assignment #1: Eminent Learning Centre



After months of researching and compiling info, I chose the most crucial information to include in this “learning centre”. For this study of an eminent person, I chose to study Eva Peron. I used a myriad of images from The Evita Peron Research Society’s online photo archive to add to the visual part of the presentation. I also used a variety of fonts, font sizes, and formats to organize the information in an effective way. Although it may look like a posterboard, it’s really part of an interactive display. As people came by, I would give them a summary of my Eminent person’s life and accomplishments while gesturing to the relevant parts of the board. As they examined the display, they would usually ask me some follow up questions on my person, topic, or study. To add to the effectiveness and appeal of my presentation, I used my computer to play a video of an iconic speech made by my eminent person for people to view as they walked by.

Digital Literacy Criteria

I design my work with consideration given to aesthetics and design, such as consistent colour schemes, symmetry or organization of visual elements, and overall layout.

Since my chosen eminent person, Evita Peron, was from Argentina, I chose to design my trifold display after the Argentinian flag; the white and light blue colour scheme, as well as the blue stripes, are derived from this. In the centre of the Argentinian flag, there’s a sun, which I decided to reimagine. In place of the sun, I put a cluster of newspaper scraps symbolizing Evita’s media influence and coverage. I also took advantage of the trifold’s natural division into thirds by organizing my information on the different sections of the display. On the left side of the trifold, I created a chronological timeline of Evita’s life, on the right side I summarized Evita’s controversial actions and pop culture presence, and in the center I listed her most influential eminent acts. At the focal point of the display, over the cluster of newspapers, I put the name of my eminent person in an eye-catching font.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 9.51.54 PM
Argentinian flag (Wikimedia Commons)


I tailor my work to appeal to my intended audience and use language and visual design elements appropriate for them.

Since this was presented in a “science fair” style walkabout, I wanted to make sure that my trifold was as eye-catching as possible. This intrigued my audience before I even began presenting. Since I had a visual part of my presentation, I gestured and pointed to relevant information on the board. Since my audience didn’t yet know very much about my eminent person, I made sure to only share the most crucial information in order to keep their attention and present in a timely way.

I view issues or topics from multiple perspectives.

On my trifold, I clearly created a dedicated section for controversial actions. My eminent person lived a controversial life, and I felt that I needed to address this. Although there were many controversies that I didn’t mention, if my audience asked for elaboration, I didn’t hesitate to give more.

Humanities Assignment #2: ZIP



For my ZIP inquiry question, I chose to answer the question: “how do poetry and music work together to affect emotions?”. I began by researching and studying several songs and lyrics. I used many online resources during this phase such as, Poetry Foundation, and These sources were each uniquely useful and helped me get a lot of research done. I eventually decided to create a short digital glossary to organize the poetic terms and devices I felt were most essential. After I completed my research, I began to create my final product. While writing chord progressions, lyrics, and melodies, I decided to do most of the work by hand, but I eventually used a lot of software during the creation of my final recording. I used GarageBand and Soundcloud as well as a lot of MIDI and audio equipment to record and eventually publish my product.

Digital Literacy Criteria

I constructively build upon or synthesize on the ideas of others.

I spent a lot of time researching before beginning the production of my product. During my study of several different songs, I decided to follow the traditional structure of pop songs (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus) as well as common rhyming/ allusion patterns. Even though I wrote a shortened version of what a normal pop song would sound like, I more or less followed the traditional pattern.

I enhance the impact of my research through creative use of technology.

After researching, I decided to create a short glossary of the most essential poetic terms and devices. This was very helpful in not only remembering the info but understanding it more thoroughly. Aside from this, I enhanced the quality of my final recording using tools built into my recording software. I used software to produce a backtrack, beats, and bass.

I determine and use the most effective medium to present my work.

Since I was studying poetry and lyricism, I thought that writing and recording a song would be an effective way to demonstrate my learning. Initially, I chose this question due to my interest in songwriting, and how I’ve always struggled to write lyrics that properly convey the emotion behind the music.

Humanities Assignment #3: Current Events Lesson

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.24.30 PM
Topic slide describing our event


My partner and I put together a PowerPoint presentation and lesson to educate our Humanities class on a current event/ issue: Facebook’s recent ban on white nationalist speech. As a part of our lesson, we selected 2 online articles on the subject for the class to read. We also made a worksheet using Canva.

Digital Literacy Criteria

I use digital spaces to plan and execute collaborative projects with others.

My partner and I used Powerpoint online to collaborate and create our powerpoint together. We each completed several slides and gave each other feedback on slides and information. We also used Word online to create a script that we could both access and edit from separate devices.

I identify and discuss bias in research sources.

As a part of our lesson, my partner and I held a class discussion on the biases present in both of the articles we provided. We discussed the biases in the article, how they affect the article, and why they may have that bias. We compared the biases between the articles in order to further understand the contrasting perspectives.

I critically assess research sources for Currency, Reliability. Authority, and Purpose.

When selecting our articles, my partner and I were careful to choose good articles. We did background checks on both the publisher/ newspaper and author to ensure that they were reliable sources. When presenting to our class, we told the class about the credentials that our articles and authors had.

I respond to the ideas and work of others in a way that is compassionate and productive.

While working with my partner, we worked on separate slides of the powerpoint, but still collaborated and gave feedback on the other slides. We brainstormed what we would put on each slide before creating it, and then we worked together to perfect our work. We made sure that each part of the powerpoint flowed nicely and naturally.

Science Assignment #1: Northern Walkingstick Study

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 12.06.58 AM
A small portion of my assignment.


I chose the Northern Walkingstick as my local organism to research. I used reliable sources to find information on different aspects of this organism and used Apple Pages to arrange the information and images in a clear and organized way. I used the CRAP test to ensure that my information was coming from reliable sources.

Digital Literacy Criteria

I attribute credit to ideas that are not my own by preparing a Bibliography/ Works Cited and by using in-text citations.

I included an APA bibliography at the end of this assignment. I used a generator, Citation Machine to generate the foundation of the bibliography properly before adding the missing pieces manually. I also try to use a variety of sources from different websites in order to get the most accurate information.

I challenge myself to increase my technological literacy by working with apps, software, or mediums that I have not used in the past.

Before this assignment, I was not very familiar with Apple Pages, but I knew that it was good for creating well-organized pamphlets, newsletters, etc. I wanted to make my assignment well organized and pleasing to look at, so I thought that I would use Pages to create it. Although it was hard to get used to, I eventually got the hang of it and was ultimately happy with my end result.

I use databases to find scholarly research sources.

Although I didn’t use any scholarly articles for a main source, I used Google Scholar to find articles when I needed a second opinion. If I found too many sources with conflicting information, I looked for any relevant scholarly articles since I knew it would hold accurate and reliable information.

Science Assignment #2: Factors Affecting Reaction Rate


This was a group lab that I conducted with my three fellow quad members. We read the purpose of the experiments and used Word online to collaborate and design the experiments. We also had to make sure that certain elements of the experiments stayed the same in order to maintain control.

Digital Literacy Criteria

I use digital spaces to plan and execute collaborative projects with others.

Since we had a short timeframe for this project, we used Word online to work on the project during the evening. My group had to make sure that each of the experiments had certain elements that stayed the same throughout such as temperature, materials used, and agitation. We also did a bit of background research online in order to maximize the effectiveness of the experiment.

I constructively build upon or synthesize the ideas of others.

Since this was a group project, I would occasionally look at my other group members’ work for things formatting so our final product would be consistent. I also was sure to compromise with my team members when it came to controlled variables since some people wanted to use different temperatures, agitation etc.

I tailor my work to appeal to my intended audience and use language and visual design elements appropriate for them

I was sure to use formal language and formatting for this science lab. Since this was a group project, we worked hard to ensure that our formatting and language was consistent. Things like measurements, temperatures, and weights were all in the same unit, and we made sure that each group member wrote with formal and concise language.